Friday the 5th of August we drove up to Bremen for Festival Maritim. The weather was not that great, 25 degrees but grey and damp with predictions of rain and thunder. While we set up on the Weser Kurier bühne we even felt some raindrops, but during the opening ceremony the skies broke open and hesitant rays of sunlight came down finally.

Our first gig at fridaynight felt to us a bit hesitant yet, we hadn’t seen eachother for three weeks and it took us a while to get going again. Due to the weather there weren’t that many people on the festival, but the ones that were there obviously enjoyed themselves and eventually so did we.

That night, on board of the ship that served as our hotel for the weekend, we met our new friends from the awesome French folkrock band the Shoepolishers. We had a few drinks, a massive amount of laughs and some more drinks. And some more drinks.

The next day we were in the mood! Apart from the slight headache… Our gig at the Fielmann bühne on saturdat was fantastic, we felt we were in the flow and considering the amount of smiling faces and sold CD’s afterward the audience felt the same! This continued throughout the sunday and fully satisfied and very tired we drove home again.

We’ve only 60 CD’s left of the batch of 500 we printed earlier this year, we couldn’t have imagined to sell out so quickly. So our next question is: Do we print more CD’s or do we make a new one? Or both?