Sunday evening and we’ve barely recovered from the sessions, gigs, music and great atmosphere at the Deunen & Deinen festival! Vincent could not join us because he was risking his bones somewhere on a ski run in Austria, but we had an excellent replacement in Jasper Langenberg of the Lowland Paddies!


When we arrived on Friday evening the introduction concerts were in full force, but luckily we were in time to be blown away by the massive voices of Les Souillés de Fond de Cale, the haunting songs of Gerry Ffrench (and no, this is no typo), and the session afterwards. The next day we played four sets, where we particularly enjoyed the intimate atmosphere in the small concert rooms. No microphones, no cables, nothing but the purest music and the most attentive audience imaginable: amazing! We were honoured to be joined by Jean-Pierre, the bass player of Les Souillés de Fond de Cale, at our fourth set in the Stationscafé.


So thank you Deunen & Deinen, for the wonderful atmosphere, the befitting accommodation (an old steel sailing boat!), the music and the craic!

Yours, Tobermore