During our gig last week at StudioGonz in Gouda (picture), we’ve been talking to Alex Sealgaire of CeltCast radio. He was wondering why we’re not gigging all over the place, why we don’t have a gazillion likes on Facebook and so on.

It’s quite simple really, we haven’t put any work into promotion yet! We’ve been hiding in the shadows and rehearsing mostly. The gigs we’ve had so far all came to us by themselves or through friends. The only promotion we did was to crowdfund our first album, which succeeded quite well.

Only just lately we’ve been carefully mailing some of our old contacts and some new contacts we’ve made during the past two years and results are coming in already!

Two major festivals in Germany and Belgium are in the pipeline¬†for next summer, yet to be confirmed but almost 100% certain. Slowly the options for next season are coming in and we’re not complaining!

Three gigs to go until the end of the year, if no new gigs announce themselves and the first of those three is tomorrow at Folkoren Festival.

So if you don’t have anything better to do (and what could possibly be better than enjoying great music in the sun) come and visit the festival. The lineup tomorrow is very good and worth your time for 200%!