Sometimes sweet and soothing, many times haunting and stomping, Tobermore’s folktunes and songs have often been said to push listeners straight into rapture 😛

While Gerard’s tasteful chording on the guitar gives every note a certain bittersweet edge, Herco, Rolf and Vincent solidly carry the melodies on Flutes, Whistles, Fiddle, Mandoline, Diatonic accordion and of course the traditional Irish Bodhrán. Excellent singers all, they lift any song to soaring heights with intense multi-vocal harmonies.

Energizing, lyrical and abundant Irish folk tunes and heartfelt old time country songs for you to enjoy even when the gig’s last echo has long since faded.

So that was the official blurb and it’s all true, every flowery word of it….

That said, really, all there is to say is: It’s just plain old good Craic! Come and listen sometime!

Photo by Edward MacKenzie

Herco Schuchard

~ Flute
~ Whistles
~ Vocals

Gerard Braun

~ Guitar

Vincent van Meerdervoort

~ Box
~ Bodhrán
~ Vocals
~ Whistles

Rolf Groeneveld

~ Fiddle
~ Mandolin
~ Vocals

“Best Irish Folk band we ever had, ever!”

~Finnegans Pub & Restaurant

“Music played from the heart and with immense love for the rich Irish Folk tradition”

“A great and honest representation of Irish Music in the Netherlands, played with heart!”

~David Munnelly

“Brilliant music, brilliant musicians”

~Festival Maritim, Bremen, Germany

“Magnificent solo vocals and a solid and tight group sound”

~New Folk Sounds Magazine

“Probably the best Irish folk band in the Netherlands”

~PF International

We play traditional Irish and American folk music as you would hear it in any pub in Ireland. Many songs and haunting instrumental melodies that force you to at least tap your feet along with the rythm. Listen to some tracks below!



Our debut album Kisses has received much acclaim and while people love it we get lots of comments such as “live they are even better!” If you want to buy our first CD, It’s available on iTunes and Spotify, but of course we prefer that you buy it directrly from our website. We’ll ship it to you fast!

If you want to hear more, check the album page


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We’re available for any type of gig, pub, festivals, theatres, weddings and funerals. We’re quite affordable so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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For information or bookings you can contact us by mail or phone.
Optionally we can bring our own PA system for audiences up to 250 people. Don’t hesitate to give us a ring or an e-mail 🙂


Phone: +31 (0) 6 24 63 75 07 (Vincent)

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Photo by Yvonne Bulters

* All photo’s on this page were made by Hanz-Heinrich Breuer, unless otherwise staded.